Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of the 2021- 2022 school year, we would like to acknowledge our students’ efforts with an award ceremony on Tuesday, 24, 2022. Parents are allowed to come for the award ceremony but will be required to check in with the front office before the ceremony.  Students are allowed to come in free dress for this occasion. Please adhere to the dress code in our Student Handbook.


8:00 am- Kindergarten Graduation and award ceremony

10:00 am – 5th Grade Graduation and award ceremony 

12:00 pm -1st and 2nd Grade Award Ceremony

1:30 pm– 3rd and 4th Grade Award Ceremony


A brief explanation of awards that will be given out can be seen below:


  1. Perfect Attendance – This award recognizes students that have perfect attendance for the entire semester with no school or class tardies, no absences, and no early sign-outs.  (Excused absences are not considered as perfect attendance)
  2. AB Honor Roll– This award recognizes outstanding students who have earned an A and B average (80-100%) for the second semester.
  3. A Honor Roll– This award recognizes outstanding students who have earned an A average (90% or above) for the second semester.
  4. Specials Awards – These awards are given by the related arts program for special achievement in the areas of  P.E., STEM, Technology, and Music (Presented at the end of academic awards, 1 award per grade level) 
  5. PBA Award– This award recognizes the student that has earned the most PBA points throughout the year. (Presented after the specials awards, 1 award per grade level) 
  6. Principal Award This award recognizes 1 student from each class that have made exemplary contributions to their class and school, has shown strong leadership skills, and is a role model to his/her peers for the entire semester 


Please remember that important instruction is still happening in our classrooms for the rest of the day.  Please do not check your child out of class early so they can complete the remainder of their learning today.  


Let’s go viral by using the hashtag #HSIEulessAwards and posting your award ceremony experience on social media! We look forward to celebrating our childrens’ accolades!


HSI Euless Administration, Faculty and Staff