Month: March 2018

Campus Improvement Planning Parent Meeting

Notification of Right to Request Teacher Qualification

Notification of Rights to Parents to Request Teacher Qualifications

Notification for Parents

Scholastic Book Fair

Spring Book Fair and Donuts with Dad starting next week:

7am – 745am
Monday 26 – Kinder
Tuesday 27 – 1st and 2nd
Wednesday 28 – 3rd and 4th
Thursday 29 – 5th and 6th

Book Fair on-line

2018-2019 School Calendar

2018-2019 School Calendar DFW District (1)

March Breakfast / Lunch Menu


Picture with a text, Whats-for-Lunch

March Menu

Please click the link below to view the March breakfast and lunch menus ! March 2018 Menus

March Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Open enrollment begins soon for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!

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